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Strater is a reliable geology analysis tool that is capable of interpreting raw data as boreholes, well logs, maps or cross sections. It is flexible in design and layout customization, allowing you to work in a convenient environment. Moreover, it allows you to quickly visualize subsurface data and export your observations as reports.
Import data and translate it into plots
Strater can import the required data from several sources, including database files, LAS, ODBC or OLE DB data sources. The program can translate the raw data into a borehole, well or map plots, as well as to log depth, line/symbols or cross plots. Additional logs that you can create are zone bar, percentage, tadpole, post, classed post, complex text or graphic logs.
You can easily create new projects, customized for boreholes, maps or cross-sections, based on the imported information. The toolbar at the top of the window allows you to quickly access the log functions, but also enable the scheme editor or use the graphic design functions.
Quickly analyze raw data
Strater is a suitable solution for displaying raw data in a comprehensive manner and plot various structures. It can render deviated boreholes as inclined logs or display deviation paths of wells in a selected map view. You may easily set the coordinate system and observe the changes in real time.
Strater can help you create cross-sections from line logs or generate them manually on new layers. The tool includes several templates that you can use, to get accustomed to the raw data management and various measurement units.
Exporting data and observations
Strater allows you to export the results of data analysis as comprehensive reports, as well as save images and graphic items as specific file types. You can export multiple logs at once or save the selected entries to an LAS file. Moreover, the program can help you transfer the data to Voxler and render cross-sections, wells and other elements.







Strater Crack Free For Windows

Cracked Strater With Keygen is a geological analysis tool for Windows, which assists you in working with raw data of subsurface structures in a visual manner. The application enables you to import, visualize and analyze various structures in different data sources: well logs, boreholes, maps or cross sections. Moreover, it also allows you to analyze the structure in other logs, such as deviated boreholes or wells. Once you have selected the necessary information, Strater can quickly plot the structure in a planned manner. Moreover, you can examine the plot in various ways, and allow you to access to a larger structure. Strater also assists in analyzing data using a number of basic log types, such as borehole, log, bar or line. There are also other log types, such as classed log, post, post direction, text or zone bars. To visualize the data, Strater provides various types of log, with many different customization options that allow you to obtain a desired layout. Strater is an open source program that allows you to access various raw data sources. Strater allows you to easily export the collected information.

Strater 3.1.0 Features:
Improved display of well and zone logs and cross sections.
New logs: zone bars and text.
Log viewer: create and edit logs.
New toolbar: create new logs, log viewer, position coordinates, etc.
Import of raw data from DBF or LAS.
Export of various graphics, well charts and reports.
Adjustable plot of the largest log.
Customized colors for the structure.
Customizable menus.
Toolbar: various functions.
Show coordinate system with a mouse.

Display, edit and create new logs
You can import raw data from DBF or LAS files and then create a well, borehole, deviated, zone, and more.
You can edit a previously created log and change the position and length or insert new logs. Using the log viewer, you can create and edit logs.
Now you can create and edit logs from complex, classed, direction-classed, and group logs.
Import data from various sources (LAS, DBF, OLE DB, etc.)
You can import raw data from various sources including compressed file, database files, LAS, OLE DB, ODBC and Excel (CSV) data sources.
The application can export the analyzed information as reports or save the raw data as various file types (PDF, DOC, CSV

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Undo/Redo Tool:
Enables you to restore any previously created documents to its original settings, which may be very helpful when you are editing large documents with an overview on your active working files
Works with all types of data:
Works with non-Geospatial works
Works with spatial data
Allows you to print the selected file

Word Processor:
There is an option to edit the contents and the structure of the existing documents by copying and pasting individual elements from the Internet
Switcher allows you to work with multiple languages simultaneously
Smart Tags:
Allows you to put a line of text and choose exactly where it should go (e.g. on a tab, margin or header)
Allows you to arrange the documents in a way that you prefer
Drag and Drop:
You can move the pages around on the screen by dragging

Allows you to edit and print your documents by adding text, graphics and/or pictures

Selection Tools:
Allows you to manage the selected elements by copying, pasting, cut, copy, paste, delete and drag-and-drop
Saving / Printing:
Allows you to save your documents on local disks or print them on a printer
Integration with Microsoft Office:
When you import a document to a document in Microsoft Office, it will be integrated in the main window of the software
Intelligent “drag and drop”:
Allows you to drag and drop pages one by one or group them on a single tab in the side window
Create charts:
You can create charts from the imported data using the predefined templates
Create shapes:
You can create shapes from the imported data using the predefined templates
Inline table printing:
Allows you to print tables in separate files

Allows you to recover lost data from damaged documents
Manage your access to data:
Allows you to control the source of your documents, whether they are locally stored or networked, and who can access to them

Change the number of pages and columns on a page in the specified direction
Change the direction of columns
Delete entire columns
Change the number of pages
Change the orientation of the pages
Crop a page from an existing document
Duplicate a page
Duplicate a page into a new document
Merge pages into a single document
Split pages into

Strater Serial Number Full Torrent

. Powerful Geology Analysis Tool
. Read and Write LAS files
. Extensible development environment
. Batch processing
. Read and Write ODBC, OLE DB and ODBC Data Sources
. Import and export of LAS files
. Import and export of various formats
. Dynamic Log Refiner: Extend the analysis possibilities in Layers
. Import and export to EXCEL
. Introduction to Geology Analysis
. Debug and test your program
. Start from scratch
. Export report
. Export Log
. Export Log Sheet
. Export Map and Map Sheets
. Export Well Logs
. Export Multiple Logs
. Export Graphic Elements
. Saving data as Image Files
. Export in different formats
. Export to PDF, XLS and HTML
. Import LAS Files
. Import Data from SQL and ODBC Data Sources
. Import Data from OLE DB and ODBC Data Sources
. Import Data from ODBC Data Sources
. Import Data from Excel
. Import File from Different File Formats
. Import from Iso
. Import as Object from Database
. Export in different formats
. Import in different formats
. Export Objects from Database
. Import from Arc and from LAS
. Import from MBTiles
. Import from MINTS and GPSMap
. Import and export in different formats
. Import from Db2
. Import from Sql and MSSQL
. Import from Oracle and MySQL
. Import data from databases
. Import from PostGIS
. Import from QGIS
. Import from SAGA
. Import from QGIS
. Import from GeoServer
. Export to PostGIS
. Import LAS and Data
. Import LAS files
. Import Data from Native Sql
. Import Database File
. Import Geography and Geopoint Data
. Import from ESRI Shape Files
. Import from KML and KMZ
. Import from PDF
. Import from PostScript
. Import data from DBT
. Import LAS files from DBT
. Import polygons from DBT
. Import from PostGIS
. Import from GRASS
. Import from KML and KMZ
. Import from QGIS
. Import from Kml
. Import from Google Map
. Import from DBF, CSV, CSVF, CSVD, ARB, MSG, DAT, PDB,

What’s New in the?

Strater is designed to let you quickly create a wide variety of plots from raw data obtained from different sources.
With the help of the program, you can quickly and easily analyze boreholes, wells or cross-sections, generate views from raw logs and generate diagrams from cross-sections, well logs and borehole logs. The program supports many plot functions including line, curves and surface, symbols, rings, color gradients and various log types, as well as analytical and graphic graphs.
The program provides a comprehensive set of functions and tools to work with the data in the database, including storing all logged data into the database and reading these data.
The Strater interface is designed as a fast, intuitive and easy-to-use data management and analysis tool that allows you to obtain all kinds of professional data in a fast manner.

System Requirements:

Windows 7/8/8.1/10


Screen resolution: 1280 x 800 or higher

CPU: Intel Core i3 or higher

File Formats Supported:.las,.lasz,.ply

Keywords: geometric, program, software, drill, borehole, gcad, lsw

Reference Strater, download link: and sinks of reactive nitrogen in surface and groundwater in an agricultural watershed in the northern Illinois prairie.
Sediment fluxes of reactive nitrogen (R-N) at and below groundwater table were measured in the Metraag farm watershed located in the northern Illinois prairie. The purpose of this study was to investigate both source and sink processes of reactive nitrogen (R-N) in surface and groundwater in an agricultural watershed in the northern Illinois prairie. Temporal and spatial patterns of sediment and nitrate concentrations in the groundwater were used to examine point and diffuse source and sink processes of R-N. Periodic monitoring from October 2001 to April 2003 revealed that total sediment fluxes ranged from a maximum of 23.3 g m(-2) in the spring and lowest of 0.8 g m(-2) in the summer. However, nitrate concentrations at wells correlated with annual fluxes of sediment and nitrate at 1.5 m depth. Nitrate fluxes, calculated from the concentration gradient at 1.5 m depth, ranged from a minimum of 2.4 to a maximum of 27.7 g m(-2) year(-1

System Requirements For Strater:

Mac OS X
OS:Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 (32/64-bit)
Processor:Dual-core 2.8 GHz or faster
Memory:1 GB RAM
Graphics:Graphics card:NVIDIA GeForce 8600M or faster
DirectX: Version 9.0
Network:Broadband internet connection
Hard drive:2 GB available space

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