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+ A tiny and portable program that shows detailed information about Bitzer compressors
+ It is also available in a Russian version
+ It has a standard window with well-structured layout
+ There’s no setup pack involved; you can download and run the program as soon as you copy it to HDD
+ It doesn’t need any DLLs to run
+ You don’t need to create any files
+ It can recognize Bitzer compressors from 2006 to 2011, among others
+ It’s free
+ The program is available in English and Russian
+ It can analyze information about a Bitzer compressor in less than a second

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Serial-info Serial Key PC/Windows

Views detailed information about all Bitzer compressors connected to your system (if any) in one tool.
Views detailed information about all Bitzer compressors in your System.
Recover lost Serial numbers or replace empty Serial Numbers.
Find out your system Manufacturers and model Number.
Find out if the Serial Number is valid.
Online Accessible. No installation necessary.
No changes to your Windows registry.
Will install on USB devices without any problems.
No extra files.
Works on all Windows systems, including Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.
When a Bitzer compressor is mounted on a Multiplexer, the Serial-info Cracked Version will display the relevant model information. When you change a Bitzer compressor to another system, Serial-info Serial Key will update your database.
No setup pack, no changes to your Windows registry, no services running. No installation necessary.
You can copy Serial-info to a USB stick and run it from there.
Serial-info offers an inbuilt PDF printer to generate easy-to-read PDF files.
The program is used by to display the “List of known issues” and the “List of known errors”.
Through the program’s cross-platform design, it has been successfully used as a utility to track Bitzer compressors.

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Serial-info Crack + With License Key

A handy program for viewing detailed information about your Bitzer compressors.

No installation necessary.

Unique and straightforward GUI.

The program can compute the details you require instantly.

It has a small footprint so you can install it on a USB flash drive for instant use on any PC.

It includes detailed info of a Bitzer compressor in just a few clicks.

It’s free to use.

Reviews for Serial-info

Cool tool


By MaDool

This is a cool tool. I have not installed it yet. I think it would be a good tool for people who just buy compressors.



By mekandy

Serial-info is a wonderful program. I highly recommend it.



By Killshot3

It’s easy to get a visual reading of the status, data, and other similar information about a Bitzer compressor.



By A879

This is a complete and handy program for all Bitzer owners.

I like it


By kissbitten

It is easy to use, very user friendly and functions very well. I also like the fact that the author does offer a free version, which you can use at no cost.

The best


By A3

No installation needed,just double click and you will see Bitzer compressor data at one glance.



By Stols

I’m almost giving up on this app as it is very flaky from version to version.

Great tool


By Rich K

This software is just what I was looking for. Easy to use and every piece of information in a simple, clear and detailed manner.

Great little app


By Primechill

Serial-info is a handy little app that does what it promises and more. The ease of use and the comprehensive data set about Bitzer compressors are exceptional.

Great info


By High Hawk

Serial-info is an excellent tool for collectors and users of Bitzer compressors.

Serial Info Is GREAT


By NChucklebore

I’m really excited about this, because I have been looking for info like this for a

What’s New in the?

1.01.43 Serial-info is a small and portable program that shows detailed information about Bitzer compressors. It features two GUI languages and no complicated options, so it can be tackled with ease.
Serial-info no installation necessary
Since there’s no setup pack involved, you can copy the downloaded executable file to a custom location on the HDD and just double-click it to launch the utility. There’s also the option to keep it stored on a USB flash drive to directly run it on any machine without previous setup.
Serial-info no changes are made to the Windows registry in this regard. Plus, it doesn’t need any DLLs to run and doesn’t create other files on the HDD without your approval.
Simple GUI for viewing Bitzer compressor data
When it comes to the GUI, the utility sticks to a standard window with a well-structured layout, where all you have to do is enter the serial number of a Bitzer compressor to analyze the acquired information.
Data is computed in real time, as you are typing the serial number. It’s possible to find out the country, city, manufacturer, year and month of manufacture, along with the order number and valid code date.
Although Serial-info doesn’t implement buttons for exporting these details to file, it’s possible to copy selected text or to print everything. If you have a virtual PDF printer installed, you can generate a PDF file from all info displayed.
Evaluation and conclusion
The GUI is available in English and Russian. We haven’t come across any difficulties in our testing, since the application didn’t freeze, crash or indicate errors. Although it contains just a few basic options, Serial-info delivers a simple solution for learning info about purchased Bitzer compressors. In addition, it’s free to use.

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