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Graphical editors enable you to turn your imagination into reality, yet sometimes the beauty is in the details. Although not as extensive and glamorous as their bigger brothers, icon editors allow you to add the finishing touches to the overall design of an application.
Draw in great detail all types of icons
Icon Profi is quick to install, and its system requirements can be met by most computers nowadays. The interface is clearly structured, and all its features are a few clicks away. However, it does not stand out with some fancy designs of its own.
The application supports a broad range of formats, so there is no risk of not being able to edit a particular file from different operating systems. The functionality is there to be had.
Utilize a multitude of tools and features
The software provides a significant number of perks that come in handy for all types of users. You can modify transparency, replace colors, add text or shapes, erase areas and so on. It does not add anything new, but at the same time, it does not lack any of the established functions.
For experienced users, several sub-menus and windows provide alterations to hue / saturation, smoothness / sharpness, opacity, shadows and so on.
Also, for less experienced users, some predefined palettes might prove useful when tackling tight deadlines. You can create icons specifically for operating systems or in a particular style. There are ample options to help you design unique items.
A reliable software solution for graphic artists
In conclusion, Icon Profi is an application that can prove efficient in the right hands. It is not a professional grade software, but it is not designed as such. The functions and features it provides are meant to be accessible to all levels of users. All in all, you can give the application a try and see if it meets your needs.


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– Add special effects to icons
– Transparent and static-state icons for internal use
– Consistency of data
– Predefined and unlimited palettes for graphic editors, users or technicians
– An integrated designer for advanced users
– Media files from the web

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Greater than 300,000 users! Icon Profi is a professional and modern graphic editor featuring a wide range of impressive tools to help you design custom icons. Access the software’s powerful features to create custom icons for a number of platforms including Windows, OS X, Web browsers, Windows Mobile, Symbian, etc. The software gives you access to an array of powerful tools to help you customize icons including a fine selection of palettes, brushes, gradients, textures, patterns, bevels, drop shadows, etc. that you can use to enhance and create an individualized icons. This graphic editor allows you to edit files with a wide range of icons and formats for each platform; you can modify the color, clarity, size of icons, transparency, sharpness, glossiness, glimmering, and radiance. Create custom icons with Icon Profi for Windows, OS X, iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch, Android, and Windows Mobile. Use the software for free to transform your imagination into reality.

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Icon Profi allows you to design great looking icons. You can download Icon Profi.

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Icon Profi is an advanced and professional tool designed to create a wide range of icons. The software is powerful, easy-to-use, and feature-packed. You can use Icon Profi to design icons on Mac, Windows, Linux, and other operating systems. You can use Icon Profi to access Icon Profi features. If you plan on creating icons, visit Icon Profi and download the software for free.

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Icon Profi is an easy-to-use icon editor that allows you to create, edit, and extract a variety of icons. The software supports multiple types of icons for different operating systems and browsers. You can use Icon Profi to create custom icons. If you want to create icons, visit Icon Prof

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The image is a decorative water mark for your computer screen. This image will be suitable for home, business, and many other graphic design software applications.

– Enhance the appearance of your personal computer or with your logo.

How to use:
Drag and drop the logo image into the blank area.
– Drag the image to any position on your computer screen.
– You can resize or move the logo by double-clicking on the screen before the image is dropped.
– Click on the image to open the image editor for customizations

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1. A lot of water mark formats including:
– CutieMark : Used to design the cover of the companion book for The Hunger Games.
– BMW : We like BMW, so we like to logo BMW on our computers, it’s our design.
– Kia : We like Kia, so we like to logo Kia on our computers, it’s our design.
– The logo of our company: (such as the company’s symbol, company name, company address, company logo, etc.)
– When our logo is typed, it looks different, so we like to logo our company.
– Customize the logo’s size, color and so on.
– Support editing in grayscale, sepia, desaturated, luminance, black and white, reversal, sketch, inverted, hue/saturation, saturation/hue, brightness, contrast, auto colors, and so on.
2. You can edit your logo on the virtual canvas.
3. You can change

Icon Profi

Icon Profi is a graphics editor specially designed to produce icons from scratch. It allows you to create various icons for all major operating systems, as well as for mobile devices. It offers a range of features for those of you who seek freedom and diversity in a package like this.HOWARD TOWNSHIP, MI — Denninger Farms, a dairy farm in Howard Township, is supplying the University of Michigan medical school with fresh cow milk.

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What’s New In?

The software is designed to be an icon editor and design tool that creates great looking icons. It also offers a large set of tools to help you design icons more easily and quickly.

You can create special.ico files that combine multiple graphics into one file, which can save time and disk space when you’re distributing them for use in web pages, apps, and many other programs, such as office suites.
The.ICO format is part of the Windows bitmap (.bmp) format and is a type of compressed image file format. In Windows,.ICO files contain graphics that are smaller in size than traditional.BMP files.
Icon Composer for Mac offers excellent tools for graphical designers to create attractive graphic icons for the.ICO format. The software incorporates all the features of the.ICO format, including large icon lists, combine multiple icons into one file, the ability to rotate, resize, and zoom.ICO files, and the ability to add your own transparent background to your.ICO files. Icon Composer for Mac also includes the ability to modify your.ICO files, including changing the transparency, color and brightness of icons, creating custom color palettes, recoloring your background, and producing different icon sizes.
Icon Composer for Mac has a simple, easy to use interface and combines both familiarity and efficiency. One click changes your icon, for example, change the color of an icon to any of the 16.7 million colors available.
Additional Features of Icon Composer for Mac
– Create and edit.ICO files and.ICO files, include transparency settings, transparency, size, rotation and quality level.
– Multi-platform compatibility with Windows, Mac and Linux
– Unzip, extract files from archives
– The software allows you to create and edit.ICO files and.ICO files
– Create and modify multiple different sizes, resolutions, colors, and transparency settings at one time
– Share your icons across the Web
– Create and export transparent.ico files
– Fix.ico files
– Create mouse icons
– Import.ico files from different applications, and save them as.ico files

Soft32 is a program for creating interactive presentations. Its most common use is for creating slideshows with transitions and overlays and editing and saving the resulting movie file as a Windows Media Video (WMA) or Windows Media Video-AAC file. Soft32 is specifically written for touchscreen (tablet) devices, but can also be used on traditional or laptop computers.

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 x64, Windows Vista x64, Windows XP x64
Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E4500/AMD Athlon™ XP E2500+/AMD Phenom™ 9550,
Memory: 3 GB RAM
Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 4870, NVIDIA® GeForce 8800/8800 Series
Processor: Intel® Core™ i5 3570K/AMD Phenom


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