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I-Catcher Console Crack+ Download [Updated-2022]

Even if your surveillance camera is connected to your PC via USB, the i-Catcher Console For Windows 10 Crack software will easily allow you to browse footage. You can time-shift recordings for later inspection and even create customized alerts to notify you of specific situations. The software features multiple camera capturing options and adjustable settings.
Manage your recordings
To browse footage with i-Catcher Console, you can use time-shift functions and create customizable alerts. The latter allows one to receive real-time notification messages when specific images or events are detected. You can also define custom visual cues to help you notice unusual or suspicious activities.
The software allows one to create screenshots and view them in motion, and users can also time-shift recordings to replay events at a later time. Time shifts cannot be performed in batch mode. When used, cameras will be automatically resumed to their original positions.
A graphics viewer is available as a complement to the surveillance software and allows one to inspect still image frames. The program also provides a graphic chart for recording counts, and one can export the clips to a.MP4 video file to view the images from a different perspective.
Adjust camera sensitivity and time-shift recordings
The i-Catcher Console software features an intuitive User Interface that allows one to control all aspects of the installation. While most of its features rely on the number of installed recording devices, it supports both general and specific items, for example, video resolution, camera quality, and field of view.
The program allows one to adjust the camera sensitivity to various factors, such as the device type, environmental parameters, or time of day. Videos in general are quite poor in terms of quality, even when considered standard definition and USB webcams. In fact, the more recording devices are involved, the less agreeable the video quality becomes.
One can avoid this problem with i-Catcher Console by applying various recording masking options. One can specify whether a video file shall include, for example, just the field of view or select the whole area in motion.
The software also offers time-shift recording settings, which are particularly useful to account for daylight variations. The feature works when both the receiving and sending devices are configured with the same time/date settings. The program offers two different time-shift recording modes: a pre-determined offset and a recursive set of recording images.
The latter means one can identify a specific time lapse for a newly captured image. The offset, on the other hand, is a default delay for all devices and

I-Catcher Console Crack + Patch With Serial Key Free [Updated]

With i-Catcher Console For Windows 10 Crack, you can easily monitor your home and office security anytime, anywhere. The program is compatible with a wide range of IP cameras and DSLRs. You can also view the live stream on your smartphone, tablet or PC.
In addition to the standard functions, i-Catcher Console features a variety of additional customizable alerts, such as email, SMS, FTP, Sound, Vibration, Light, etc. So you can control your home and office cameras and alarm devices easily, easily.


Free Trial


◦ No-one will access your webcam(s) or monitor your environment without your permission
◦ Complete access to your camera without the worries of recording over your precious memory card
◦ Use the live camera stream anywhere, right from your desktop browser using a RTMP connection
◦ No added software to download.
◦ Stream & Record Instantly – No need to install a 3rd party application to capture or stream a live HD-Camera feed – your live feed is stream & recorded directly into your free video Editor
◦ Simple 2-Step setup – Connect camera to USB port and instantly run the software. Connect the camera and software is created for you.
◦ No need to re-format or re-partition a drive – You can literally have the application installed on an already partitioned hard drive.
◦ Powerful Features – No doubt you will be impressed by the speed and power of the recorder.
◦ No need to install additional software to record your videos – automatically record in the free Editor
◦ No more RAM requirements – With the smallest footprint and fastest program, i-Catcher will perform without a problem – this allows the program to stream high-resolution HD-Camera feeds without using too much memory.
The application uses the Video Mixing System (VMS), a high-quality and efficient audio/video encoding technology for live streaming of camera feeds that is supported by virtually all commercial and non-commercial HD-Camera manufacturers.
◦ Firmware-level compatibility – No need to re-install a camera that you already purchased
◦ Hotplug/unplug works exactly the same in Linux and Windows

The standard version offers the full functionality and performance. The premium version adds the following advantages:

◦ Support for local cameras (webcams, IP cameras)
◦ Record to ZIP archive
◦ Save recording to a local folder


I-Catcher Console

The i-Catcher Console is a surveillance management software that comes with a feature set to handle multiple security cameras

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System Requirements For I-Catcher Console:

Windows XP/Vista/7
Intel 1.8 GHz or AMD 1.8 GHz or better
512MB or 1GB of RAM
2 GB of available disk space
D-link Wireless Internet Connection
Ustreaming download speed depends on internet connection speed
Freezing times:
1.30 min: 800×600 (16:9)
3.55 min: 1024×768 (16:9)
3.55 min: 1280×1024 (16


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