FMLFO 1.0.1 [Latest] 2022

The FMLFO SynthEdit module provides a low (or high!) frequency oscillator. Offset input is useful for creating tremolo effects. Phase input is useful for stereo effects.
Frequency and Phase inputs can safely be modulated by secondary FMLFO’s for frequency and phase modulation. You can chain as many as you like.







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create a low frequency oscillator to act as the master oscillator.
uses oscillator A (ASCII)
cutoff freq 60Hz
frequency mod freq
phase mod freq (degrees)
line frequency 100Hz
low frequency oscillator output with be routed to a FFT module via a lowpass filter.
the phase modulation input to the low frequency oscillator may be routed to the high frequency oscillator via a modulator (this is the phase modulator in the above image).
the frequency modulation may be routed to the low frequency oscillator.
chain as many as you want.


Create your own filter effect with the Max/MSP Framework!
While this site may be more suitable for Java or Processing (as others have pointed out), this site is completely free and has a number of educational courses as well as a multitude of how-to & how-not-to tutorials.

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Modifies low or high frequency oscillator. Offset. Input is useful for tremolo effects. Phase input is useful for stereo effects.
Frequency and phase outputs can safely be modulated by secondary FMLFO Serial Key’s for frequency and phase modulation. You can chain as many as you like.

How to use the module:
Start the module by clicking in the PLAYLIST window and selecting ‘Add Audio’, or by dragging an Audio file into the module.
To modify the level, click the LFO ON-OFF button and select either ON or OFF.

From here you can hear and see, and even edit, how the level is affected.

Below is a simple example of the phase modulation applied to an FMLFO 2022 Crack.
In this example, below the oscillator, we’ve added another, same synth and applied a phase. If you reduce the phase of the lower oscillator, the higher one will also get weaker. If you increase the phase of the lower oscillator, the higher one will get stronger.
Play with the offsets to create tremolo, as the amplitude of the sound will be stronger if the offsets are closer together, and weaker the further apart.

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fmlfo is a basic FM Low Frequency Oscillator, or low frequency oscillator for short.

It is the basis of all FM effects for synths.
The simplest use of an fmlfo is as an oscillator.
Oscillators are used in FM synthesis to create the sound of a FM synth.

But, the fmlfo can produce some other useful effects.
It can be used to make an envelope follower.
An envelope follower is a low-pass filter with a feedback loop that amplifies the output of the filter.
The output of the envelope follower is added back into the input (the envelope follower always adds feedback).
As a result, the input is amplified, and the output of the envelope follower is muted.

You can use the fmlfo to emulate an envelope follower (with an FM envelope, of course).
You do this by feeding the output of the fmlfo through a low-pass filter.

But not all effects are just one-way circuits.
Sometimes, the output of an effect is fed back into the input of the effect.
That is, the input is amplified, then fed back into itself.
As a result, the effect can be tweaked in a feedback loop.
The oscillator in RACi Sampler can be used in this way.

There are two reasons why FM synthesis is so versatile.
One, FM synthesis uses a sine wave, which is infinitely variable.
As a result, it can be created to mimic different sounds.
Two, all the tones in a FM synth can be created with a single oscillator.

For example, when the sample rate of an audio recording is set to 44,100 Hertz, the pitch of the 440 Hz tone is the same as that of the 22,050 Hz tone.
That’s because, at the 16 bit resolution of the sample, you get 16,777,216 different waveshapes.
Note: that ignores a small error in the sample rate.

When a sine wave is read into a synth, there is no guarantee that the wave it will produce sounds like the actual wave.
Since sine waves are mathematical constructs, there are always slight errors.
So, the synth will always produce an approximation of the wave.
But by mixing all of those approximations together, you can get an approximation that sounds close to the original waveform.

What’s New In?

FMLFO is a low frequency oscillator with a handy Phase and Frequency input.

Simplified Synthesis

FMLFO is a reasonably good basic oscillator to get up and running. The Phase input allows you to make a tremolo effect. The Frequency input can be tuned to modulate note on/off.
For a complete synth with a lot of features, I recommend the Logic Pro over FMLFO. If you don’t have Logic, check out TAL Touch Pro II which is similar to the TAL Logic Pro.

Code example

There are five waveforms: Triangle, Saw, Sine, Square, and Pulse.

The Trigger input allows you to use a single on or off switch for FMLFO to provide an or each waveform. You can tune the switch for a “sine” wave or “triangle” wave by simply cutting or splicing the output of the Trigger output into a different filter or modulator.
The Sustain input provides a smooth loop. It provides a warm sound. Each Release is discrete, so you can use it as a sustain pedal.


Because the frequency input can be modulated by secondary oscillators, you can make a stereo effect with the Phase input. Also, the number of oscillator in the FMLFO can be set to 2 or 8.
Here is an example of a synth with a low frequency oscillator and a MIDI channel.

Example of using multiple low frequency oscillators

Here is an example of using a Sweep input to modulate the Harmonics generator.

To create a tremolo effect, there are many ways: phase modulation, frequency modulation, pitch modulation, etc. In the screenshot below, you can see a spectrum analyzer. The input Pitch is vibrato with slow start and fast end. We can see a saw wave being drawn in the spectrum.

See also

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System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 x64 (2008, Vista, 2003)
Processor: Intel Core2 Duo / AMD Phenom X2, 2.8 GHz, RAM: 4 GB
Hard drive: 15 GB free disk space
Graphics: DirectX 9.0 compatible video card with 256MB video RAM
DirectX: Version 9.0
Sound card: DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card with full-duplex I/O

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