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FastChords is a program to help you learn piano using music found in Fake Books. Fake books collect songs in “lead sheet music notation” that show only the chords and the melody lines of the songs.
Both beginners and professionals use lead sheet music. Expert musicians should have no trouble converting chord symbols into keyboard keys, but beginners and no-so-beginners do.
In this particular area FastChords really excels. With FastChords you can quickly create and print a table of all the chords (and melody notes!) of a song for easy reference while playing.
With FastChords you can enter full songs – including rhythmic values – and play these songs on the computer speakers or on the speakers of a midi instrument.
Once songs are entered into FastChords, the power of the program can be applied to find the optimal chord configuration – chord inversion and octave position – to facilitate playing and to transpose chords to different keys.
The repertoire of chords that FastChords “knows” about is in the hundreds, including common chord synonyms.
Not only FastChords instantly maps chord symbols to keyboard keys, but it can also figure out chord symbols from the piano keys selected on the keyboard. This is particularly useful when playing chords on midi instruments.
Here are some key features of “FastChordsPro”:
■ See the midi messages the computer receives from the keyboard.
■ Record your performances.
■ Single step through your performance to observe your finger’s work.
■ Play a range of recorded midi.
■ Adjust the playback speed.
■ Directly build a table of chords by playing them on the keybboard.
■ DirectX 8.0 and above
■ 21 days trial
■ check for updates is disabled in the trial version.
■ printing is enabled only for the 4 songs installed with the program.







FastChordsPro Free PC/Windows (Updated 2022)

■ Print a special booklet on your printer with one of the 4 songs installed in the program.
■ Direct printing of the sheet music, which is really not the same as printed sheet music.
■ Includes 5 songs, “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” “Wild Thing” “You Spin Me Right Round” “Theme from Top Gun” “Lady (Let Me Love You)”
■ Includes 5 songs, “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” “Wild Thing” “You Spin Me Right Round” “Theme from Top Gun” “Lady (Let Me Love You)”
■ Chapters menu:
Chapter 1. Building a Table of Chords
Chapter 2. Recording and Playing your Performance
Chapter 3. Stop watches
Chapter 4. Playing a Selected Midi
Chapter 5. About FastChordsPro Free Download
■ Chapter 6. About FastChordsPro
■ Chapter 7. About FastChordsPro
■ Chapter 8. About FastChordsPro
■ Chapter 9. About FastChordsPro
■ Chapter 10. About FastChordsPro
■ Chapter 11. About FastChordsPro
■ Chapter 12. About FastChordsPro
■ Chapter 13. About FastChordsPro
■ Chapter 14. About FastChordsPro
■ Chapter 15. About FastChordsPro
■ Chapter 16. About FastChordsPro
■ Chapter 17. About FastChordsPro
■ Chapter 18. About FastChordsPro
■ Chapter 19. About FastChordsPro
■ Chapter 20. About FastChordsPro
■ Chapter 21. About FastChordsPro
■ Chapter 22. About FastChordsPro
■ Chapter 23. About FastChordsPro
■ Chapter 24. About FastChordsPro
■ Chapter 25. About FastChordsPro
■ Chapter 26. About FastChordsPro
■ Chapter 27. About FastChordsPro
■ Chapter 28. About FastChordsPro
■ Chapter 29. About FastChordsPro
■ Chapter 30. About FastChordsPro
■ Chapter 31. About FastChordsPro
■ Chapter 32. About FastChordsPro
■ Chapter 33. About FastChordsPro

FastChordsPro Crack + With Serial Key

FastChordsPro Crack For Windows is an application designed to help you become a professional guitarist by learning music using real books and learning software.
It is the bridge between traditional books, that provide information for chords, and your favorite guitar tone plugin or DAW. The interface is very simple and easy to understand.
The application requires your geographical position – the position of the sun in the sky – and its movements in latitude and longitude, to configure the time of day in music – to learn chords with precision.
Note that when learning chords, to learn chords play really the guitar notes in a chord, but with an octave above the note. A chord without an octave means a note in the 1st string, not the 12th string.
FastChordsPro provides chords and melody in a creative way. Learn what chords are, what notes are, how to compose a guitar harmony and how to practice it.
When learning chords, you have the opportunity to choose the instrument, input device and effects applied on the guitar tone.
This application is designed to interact with your computer using MIDI, the Musical Instrument Digital Interface protocol.
This application provides chords based on a combination of information from an electronic guitar and its physical representation.
How to use:
1 – install FastChordsPro in your PC.
2 – check the position of the sun in the sky and configure the time. (timezone, latitude, longitude)
3 – set the MIDI input device of your guitar (i.e. you need to connect your guitar to your computer).
4 – Play any song on your guitar.
1 – You can download the songs from the program (included) and play them on the tabulator.
2 – You can play with “Auto chords” – thanks to the chords learned by the program from MIDI input devices – without entering the chords on the tabulator.
3 – You can double click a song to start playing it and change the tempo.
4 – You can enter chords on the keyboard on any MIDI input device connected to your computer.
5 – For each song you can set the tempo – one step for one quarter note.
6 – When changing keys, the notes you play move to the new keyboard.
7 – You can change the playback speed in the settings.
8 – You can open and save sheet music from the program, save and share sheet music via Dropbox, Twitter, Facebook, email and more.
For more informations visit:

FastChordsPro Crack + PC/Windows

FastChordsPro, a MIDI Organizer/Player, is an easier-to-use, flexible, and more powerful version of the FastChords program. It has the following features:
■ New! FastChords Pro is now a MIDI organizer/player!
■ Additional features:
■ Direct entry of multiple songs to the virtual organ.
■ Ability to easily add or delete multiple songs/keyboards at once.
■ Ability to switch between playback and recording modes on midi input.
■ Ability to duplicate midi input key changes between multiple keyboards on multiple midi tracks.
■ Ability to save key changes to the virtual keyboard.
■ Ability to change the number of octaves being imported into the midi keyboard.
■ Ability to use high quality polyphony midi libraries and to choose the level of polyphony to use with each individual midi track.
■ Ability to save polyphony settings for each midi track.
■ Ability to save any midi track setup for multiple uses.
■ Ability to independently control the volume of each track.
■ Ability to apply a midi effect (rain, reverb, chorus, delay, loop,…) to all tracks.
■ Ability to save keyboard setups, midi track settings, keyboards, or synth and effect setups for multiple uses.
■ Ability to select the midi channel used for the virtual keyboard.
■ Ability to save keyboard setups to a midi file, to be used elsewhere.
■ Ability to export keyboard setups and midi tracks to a midi file or send them to a usb device.
■ Ability to adjust the volume and fader levels of individual midi tracks.
■ Ability to dynamically show or hide the number of midi tracks.
■ Ability to adjust the cutoff frequency and gain of the virtual keyboard.
■ Ability to save and load settings for multiple songs.
■ Ability to use multiple libraries or save and load libraries with settings.
■ Ability to transpose a song, and transpose the virtual keyboard to your computer’s volume setup.
■ Ability to take a track out of reverse, and or turn on the record mode for that track.
■ Ability to convert three and four finger chord fingerings to one finger

What’s New In?

Chord inversion or “inversion” refers to the change in a chord’s position in the scale. For example, in the scale of C Major, the chord C-E-G is an “m6” chord, which has the same name as a different chord, an “m6” chord, which has a flattened 5th (The 5th is the note that makes the chord a major or minor chord). An M6 chord in the second scale degree is called an “M6b3” chord.
What is important is that when you play the chord, the note that falls on the 3rd from the root (the note that makes the chord a C Major chord), can be the root or a different note. What is important is the changes, in relation to the “root”. For example, in the C Major scale a chord in the second scale degree is a “major” chord and the chord in the third scale degree is a “minor” chord. However, a “M6” chord in the first scale degree and a “m6b3” chord in the second scale degree are different chords with the same name. As you move up the scale in pitch the same chord becomes a different chord. For example, the chord in the first scale degree is a “C Major” chord, but the chord in the third scale degree is a “C minor” chord. When you look at a chord on a staff it is the root note of the chord that is important. The rest is just extra notes.
There are different types of chords. For example, the chord C-E-G is a “C Major” chord, and the chord C-E-F-G is a “m6” chord.
By looking at the notes in a chord we can understand the function of each note. We can figure out the function of each note in the chord and the function of the chord is based on the number of notes that have the same function. The number of times you see a chord, like a C Major chord, in the scale determines the degree. For example, in the scale of C major the C Major chord happens three times in the scale.
In FastChords it is easier to see the functions of the chord. It is easy to find chords in the scale. For example, in the scale of C Major, a C Major chord appears first, second and fifth times.
In the scale of C Major, the chord C-E-

System Requirements For FastChordsPro:

OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 (64-bit) or Windows Vista (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD 4000, NVIDIA GT 540M, or Radeon HD 7870
DirectX: Version 11 or later
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 4 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX compatible sound card
Additional Notes:
This game requires a constant Internet connection to play online.

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