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Drill Assistant is an easy to use self-teaching program for testing the knowledge. Drill Assistant is designed especially for those students, who have to take a test or to prepare one for themselves. It offers the possibility to train the facts, words, reactions for the test situation, extend the test period, repeat the test, change the difficulty and to switch to the next table. Drill Assistant is especially suitable for adult students.
Test knowledge with Drill Assistant quickly and painlessly.
By constantly improving the program students can benefit from self-learning.
• Drill Assistant can be used as an online tool or offline, therefore mobile devices are supported.
• While training users answer questions from the list on the answer sheet.
• It is also possible to take the response in mind, check oneself or change the answer.
• Drill Assistant is also available for test programs
• It is possible to solve the test as a question-and-answer test or multiply the table by entering the results
• It is possible to directly change the table
• It is possible to save the test in a file on the computer hard drive or on a CD/DVD.
• Training can be set for unlimited time.
• Used Tabs for training are exchanged.
• You can repeat the answers on the answer sheet
• You can change the difficulty of the questions
• You can send a reminder to yourself
• You can retrieve your training data
• You can calculate the average of the answers.
• Report average and corresponding test statistics (t-test, Wilcoxon, Pearson coefficient)
• Save prepared test and send an email
• Background programming completed in C++. This code is protected against viruses.
• It is possible to print the results
• Drill Assistant has been tested on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. It also works on Windows 8.
• Drill Assistant is free of charge.
Please note:
• Drill Assistant was specifically designed for test situations.
• It is not a dictionary nor a thesaurus
• Drill Assistant does not contain any internet content.
• The online dictionary and thesaurus links cannot be opened by the program.
• Drill Assistant is protected by copyright. You may not distribute it.
• Drill Assistant is not an illegal or illegal copy-protected program.

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Drill Assistant Crack+ Activation Code (Updated 2022)

The program is easy to use and can be used very efficiently. Drill Assistant does not only train the memory. It trains your thinking ability as well. With its help you can test your knowledge faster than with pen and paper.
There are two different ways to use Drill Assistant.
■ Use Drill Assistant as a learning program. Put your answers into the program and fill in all the questions. Drill Assistant checks if your answers are correct or not.
■ Use Drill Assistant as an Test program. You can see the questions with the correct answers and you can save all correct questions. Your memory is always in control.
Drill Assistant is easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to handle. Save your time, don’t waste it with to many wrong answers.
Program Features:
■ Free Trial Version: You can try this demo version for free.
■ No Windows Installer.
■ Working with all Windows versions from Windows 95 to Windows 7.
■ No additional information needed from user.
■ Readable document.
■ No strange commands in the help files.
■ You can make your own drill sets.
■ All possibilities to adjust the tests to your own needs.
■ Suggestion what answer should be given by the program.
■ Possible answers are shown for every question. You can make use of this.
■ Periodical reports are delivered to you.
■ Language: English.
■ Readable documentation.
■ Have your own Drill assistant records.
■ Multiple language compatibility.
■ Do not interfere with other programs.
■ Can be turned off and on at your convenience.
You can download Drill Assistant for free via www.drillassistant.net

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Drill Assistant Crack

Drill Assistant is a unique test program that combines learning and testing in a unique way. This combination of learning and testing is made possible by the program’s algorithm, which searches the learner’s test memory for similar questions, and is able to reuse the answers from similar questions without the necessity of repitition. This process only takes place with the full attention of the learner, as it is associated with deep learning. The learner is also connected to our electronic dictionary, which is able to recognize words that the learner doesn’t know.
The program’s algorithm is able to recognize certain properties of words, such as lemma, stem, length, and inflection, which was designed to assess the accuracy of the learner. The results are reflected in a percentage, the higher this percentage, the more accurate the learner is doing. A comprehensive test of the learner is also provided, which encompasses a list of sentences, which are matched to the learner’s answer(s) while searching in the test memory. This list is also presented to the learner in the test screen. This is useful because the learner is told at what point in the test the sentence was matched, so they are able to guess whether their answer is correct or not.
If a learner is given a list of 10 questions, this will translate to 100 real questions. This number will increase with every new test. Therefore, the moment a new test is made, the percentage will increase, which is reflected in a color change in the test itself, not only in the feedback that is given to the learner. In short, Drill Assistant is an accurate, high-functioning test program, that fills the lack of testing that traditionally accompanies learning.
– A powerful algorithm that searches the test memory for similar questions based on properties such as lemma, stem, length, and inflection.
– An electronic dictionary that recognizes words that the learner doesn’t know.
– A comprehensive test of the learner, which encompasses a list of sentences, which are matched to the learner’s answer(s) while searching in the test memory. This list is also presented to the learner in the test screen.
– All the information about each question and answer is presented in the test
– The program will help to improve test taking skills (successively)
– Extra questions can be added to your test with no reaonable increase in your test time.
– The

What’s New In?

Let me explain you why I suggest you to use Drill Assistant.
You can complete a test in less than one minute. In my situation my maximum time was:
■ Training of 40 questions
■ Result of my test was 98 percent.

You must learn your lesson and can’t miss the exam.
I would like to explain the logic behind the program:
The program tells you about the question you have answered wrong once.
If you answer this wrong an additional 3 questions appear.
This (1, 2, 3) is the number of questions you can answer wrong.
When you have answered the correct answer the number is decreased.
The big advantage: this is a program you can complete your test in a very short time.
The program is completely free. You can download and start using it in 7 minutes.
The program is intuitive and easy to handle.
Works in all Windows flavors.
For those who want to take the test with this program, these are the options you can take with the program:
■ Switch off the learning function
■ Switch on the test function
■ Disable the language search function
■ Switch on the list view of all questions answered wrongly
■ Switch on the fill in question function
■ Switch on the question number from 1 to… of the table
■ Switch on the whole table
Here is a tutorial:
5 minutes tutorial for the use of Drill Assistant:
Also there is a demo version of the program you can download.
This tutorial will help you:
■ To use the free version
■ To discover that it’s not hard at all
■ To test it in your own opinion if you can perform better or worse
■ To learn the logic behind the program
So if you are an existing user of the program, it would be nice to show you my gratitude. You can get a discount coupon and a clean version of Drill Assistant to your e-mail by simply subscribing on the homepage:
If you want to use other companies or programs to complete your test than Drill Assistant, here are some other programs for you:
■ www.e-test.com
■ www.bonusquestions.com
■ www.fillin-

System Requirements For Drill Assistant:

• OS: Windows 7/Vista/8/10
• Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz or better
• Memory: 1 GB RAM
• Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce 8800 GTS 512MB or better
• DirectX: Version 9.0c
• Direct X: Version 9.0c
• Network: Broadband Internet connection
• Hard drive space: 10 GB available space
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