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Connections Watcher can monitor the connection to an internet site on demand and you can sound a warning when connection is lost.

With Xplore you can see the number of people online, the day/night, as well as for a certain time period. You can set to get a daily/week/monthly/hourly view in addition to this.

Xplore Data

Xplore is highly configurable, and has a lot of customization options. You can define how many displays and shows to have at once, which fields to display, etc.

Xplore Data has a tutorial, but Xplore is based on your parameters. You can add your own information to it.

Xplore Data has a large database of charts, such as growth charts, etc. You can add your own.

Xplore Data can be used on almost any website, and is a very simple, yet powerful tool.

Xplore Data Features:

Use Xplore to get info on website visitors/usage

Use data to get insights

Get a time range

Get a day/night chart

Show the number of people online

Show how many people visit at night

Show how many people visit at certain times

Show how many people visit at the same time of the day

Show how many visitors are from specific countries

Show how many visitors are from specific time zones

Show how many visitors are from certain time periods

Show how many visitors are from specific IP addresses

Show how many visitors are from specific country & city

Show how many visitors are from specific time zones

Show how many users come from a certain country

Show how many users come from a certain city

Show how many users come from a certain time zone

Show how many users come from a certain country/city/time zone

Show how many unique users came to your site

Show how many new users came to your site

Show how many repeat users came to your site

Show how many of the last 25 new users came to your site

Show how many new users came from a certain country

Show how many new users came from a certain city

Show how many of the last 25 new users came to your site from a certain country

Show how many of the last 25 new users came to your site from a certain city


Connection Watcher

This is a simple but reliable tool for connection monitoring.

Connection Watcher main advantages:

can monitor the link status

can easily manage the connection status

can trigger a program on demand and start or stop the connection monitoring

send alerts when the connection has been lost

can play an alarm when the link is connected or the connection has been lost

Connection Watcher is available for free download. It works on all versions of Windows and can be used immediately after installing it, without any administrative privileges.

Startup Manager | Final thoughts about startup programs
Startup Manager allows you to easily manage your startup programs. All sorts of items, such as files and links, can be stored to the Startup tab. Any item you need can be easily added or removed there, anytime you need.
Startup Manager main advantages:

the optimal position for adding and removing startup programs

the opportunity to adjust the order of startup items

Startup Manager is available for free download. It allows you to easily add and remove program items from your startup settings.

Startup Manager | Wake on LAN
This gadget allows you to set the option to wake up your computer by network connection. It seems to be a very handy feature to those who use network devices such as NAS or routers. When your desktop is turned off, you can wake it up any time using the Internet connection.
Wake on LAN main advantages:

Allows you to wake up your computer in a remote location (network device)

The gadget can be installed to a remote location, so that you can wake it up by network connection any time you need. The program is especially useful for the users of routers, which support the internet connection wake up option.

Startup Manager | Silent startup
Using the option, you can stop unnecessary programs from running at startup. However, if you later need to run them, you can also choose a specific time to run the program. You may also choose to set the priority of your startup programs, thereby enabling you to choose a specific program to start at any time.
Silent startup main advantages:

Allows you to manage startup programs at the best time

You can manage the startup programs separately or can set a specific time to run any of them

Startup Manager | Safe mode
Safe mode allows you to restrict the startup programs from running in the event of system problems. When you use the Safe mode, all the listed startup programs can

Connection Watcher

Connection Watcher has a simple, intuitive interface, which lets you to get rid of the complexity of managing many software applications. The gadget analyzes the connection to the specified URL and shows the link status in the form of colored markers. You can modify the connection alert time with the settings menu, as well as the sound, according to your preferences. By running the gadget on your desktop, you can check the connection status, whenever you need. If you use a network card, you can check the Internet connection automatically; in any case, the device can scan the network status on demand. The option ‘Forcibly scan Internet (for router)’ allows to check the Internet connection even if you use an external device, such as a router. The computer, where Connection Watcher is installed, should be online with the Internet. The ‘Forcibly scan Internet (for router)’ option can be turned on or off from the Settings menu. You can also assign a program to run when the link is established and a different program to run when the link is detected for the first time. You can select the sound, too.


Click here to start the Connection Watcher download. Then click Run to install the program.

It works with multiple languages and the install for each language is only 3.8mb. I had trouble with the install of the app at first but used the directions from this video to get it to work.

I used to run a computer in the garage that would go on-line and offline at various times depending on where I was. I also ran a computer in the house connected to the hard wired network. The net watcher would alert when the garage computer went off-line. It gave enough time to fix it before being alerted so it didnt usually set off an alarm.

I learned a long time ago that if an alarm was set it should be a DoS attack unless your are an online company that logs and can back trace the system to figure out it was an attack.

The program is very simple to use and does what it says for all the languages it supports.

Free download and try or purchase

Special offers/discounts and news about this product may now be available.

For more information about this product or any other products to which this application relates, or if you have any comments or suggestions, contact the manufacturers’ representative at:The University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB), a comprehensive cancer

What’s New in the Connection Watcher?

Connection Watcher is a small, yet reliable tool, which can analyze the state of your connection to a particular website. The gadget can run on your desktop and indicate the link status with colored markers, such as green for stable connection or red for errors.

Watch changes in the connection to a website

Connection Watcher allows you to track the connection to a single URL, which you need to specify in the Settings menu. Moreover, the gadget allows you to modify the alert time, which is measured in seconds; it is recommended that you set the time interval to low values.

Scan the network status on demand

An alternative option for automatic connection detection is the forced Internet link scan, an option dedicated for those who use a router. When you use a network card and any change in the connection status appears as a special event, which can be easily recorded by the gadget.

Alerts and alarm sounds

Connection Watcher can play an alarm when the connection is lost or a confirmation sound when the link is established. You can set the default sound or select a different song, in the WAV format, to play when the alarm is triggered.

Trigger programs when connection status changes

Connection Watcher can prompt a program to run whenever the connection to the specified link is established or when it is lost. Similarly, you can set a program that should run when the connection is detected for the first time. Simply click OK or Cancel to hide the Settings panel, and leave only the monitoring button on the desktop. You may easily start or stop the website connection monitoring.

Connection Watcher Key Features:

Simple, yet reliable, and user-friendly interface.

User interface with all necessary options.

Simple operation and very easy to use.

Small program size (in the order of hundreds of bytes) and high reliability.

Simple to connect.

Unscrambles encrypted websites.

Turns a website to html.

Free, ad supported version for free.

Real-time updates.

Connection Watcher Key Differences:

Free version is ad supported version and it will run a banner ads.

Basic version of Connection Watcher is free.

Basic version is free.

Basic version offers only four options: Start, Stop, Analyze, and Exit.

Modification to standard Connection Watcher is allowed.

Maximum Number of Connections:

5. Basic version:

System Requirements For Connection Watcher:

OS: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent
Memory: 4 GB RAM
HDD: 2 GB free hard drive space
Video: DirectX 9-compatible video card with 2048 MB RAM and 32-bit color support
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Sound: DirectX 9-compatible sound card
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