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There are lots of parental control tools out there on the market, but if you're looking for an app designed to block the browser exclusively, you may want to have a look at Browser Lock.
As its name suggests, Browser Lock is an application aimed at parents who want to restrict their children from browsing the Internet.
While this kind of app is always helpful if it doesn't assault users with too many unnecessary options, Browser Lock cannot prevent the usage of any other Internet app, be it an instant messenger, file sharing tool or email client.
Browser Lock asks for a master password from the get go, but be aware that once you launch the app and input the password, all browser sessions are automatically closed. So make sure you save your work before double-click the app's shortcut.
The application can block the most popular browsers on the market, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari, regardless of the Windows version running on your system.
There are only a few configuration options to select the amount of time with Internet access, but nothing too difficult to get you into trouble.
As mentioned, an average computer user should be able to figure out the purpose of each option in a second, while Browser Lock remains light on hardware resources all the time.
Overall, Browser Lock serves its purpose perfectly, but some warnings and more instructions in the main window could come in very handy to all users.







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Browser Lock For Windows 10 Crack is a free parental control tool, it secures your home network from your children and helps to protect children from sites that can be dangerous. It prevents your children from accessing adult content on the internet and allows you to control what sites they visit.

This free app is different than other free parental control apps. It is a full fledged web browser that helps you secure your home network from your children. You can customize the homepage of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera browsers. Browser Lock free parental control is a light-weight app and comes with a one-time usage license. The app does not require any installation process and the interface is simple and easy to use.


◆ Block access to adult sites
◆ Block access to sites where children can be unsafe, inappropriate or exposed to pornography
◆ Block access to sites where children can be exposed to predators or who could be doing harm to their children
◆ Block access to sites that can harm your kids
◆ Block certain categories of sites (games, dating, local, porn etc.)
◆ Customise adult and kid’s browsers with your own home page
◆ Restrict accessing of specific websites
◆ Restrict Internet access (times and dates)

Browser Lock allows you to block adult sites by selecting the ones you want to block. Once you have set your preferences and clicked the “Add list” button, you are ready to block adult sites.

If you want to block adult sites from your kids, you have to set the defaults of your filters. Simply select the block adult check-box and click on save. All you have to do is type a custom name for your list of blocked sites and click “Add list”.

If you only want to block certain websites from your kids, click on “Modify list”, type the websites that you wish to block and click on save. Browser Lock will filter out the blocked websites from your kid’s web browsers.

Filter blocked websites and try to block them from your kids.

How to Block Internet access:

Step 1. Launch Browser Lock.

Step 2. Click the web browser where you want to block the websites.

Step 3. Click on “Filter” on the top menu.

Step 4. Click “Add” to add the site or “Modify” to modify the list.

Step 5. Select the default settings and click “Save

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Browser Lock Screenshots:

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This was incredibly useful when I left my n+1 device at a conference. My phone was promptly destroyed by an idiot on the train, and the only way I could get the device back was to call the sh*ts. If I hadn’t had this app, I wouldn’t have been able to get the lost device back to my main phone for a really long time.

Absolutely amazing. A decade ago, there wouldn’t have been any way to actually program something like this. 10 years later, I’m not even surprised that other people are able to do this! ? I just wish Chrome had some kind of API for doing something similar, because it’s such a shame that this doesn’t come with Chrome. Maybe a project like that would help bridge the gap for programs that are built using web technologies, like a React port, and Chrome. When I first saw this I was in shock. I always thought that the hardest part of programming was not being able to program. What a different story.

A daily routine of his that he went through. For those of you who are interested in programming, the best thing is to change the way you think. Rather than just use the tool, you can try to learn the programming language by doing.

I’ve tried the mobile version of the app before, and it worked reasonably well. But I’m going to be trying the desktop version out for the first time, so I’m looking forward to using it on my laptop. A first impression is that the app is pretty well thought out. There’s a lot of detail that I found very helpful. I’ve also really enjoyed the “for beginners” aspect of it, and I’m planning to do some more reading up on programming while using the app.

As a person who also heavily uses messaging, it’s a very reasonable option. I like that it’s setup in such a way that you can lock an app out of the messaging experience without locking out your main messaging client. It’s a very clever way of solving the problem of how to best manage a messaging service. It can also support larger scale apps like Slack and Trello, so that’s a bonus!

This is a great start for a mobile-only service, but I’m already hoping for more updates so that it can have the same functionality available on desktop, in addition to the mobile app.

Another really cool feature is that it supports custom icons for

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Easy to use parental control software.
Block access to all your children’s web browsers instantly.
Protect your child from online prying eyes.

Citrix’s new virtual desktop software lets business users from small firms to big companies see what their employees are working on in another session without needing to worry about the security implications.
The technology means employees can access corporate data or collaborate with colleagues from anywhere—as long as they have an Internet connection and the appropriate software. It also means users don’t have to ask permission to use corporate data in other areas.
The problem is that if they access the data or software stored on a rival network, users could be unwittingly giving their rivals access to their most important corporate data.
That’s why the program is also designed with security in mind. It will stop employees or users from accidentally opening up the corporate network where the data was stored.
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Virtual desktop programs use a number of virtualization technologies to create shared workspaces, which look and feel like the desktop a user would get if they were sitting at a computer desk in the office.
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Other programs that do a similar job are hosted by firms such as Google and Apple, and can be accessed from anywhere in the world using a web browser.
However, virtual desktop programs are generally targeted at bigger firms that want to provide access to their employees from remote locations. The programs are also less expensive than some of the alternatives.
Virtual desktop programs come in two forms, and although there is very little difference between them in terms of how they work, they do have a few other differences as well.
Citrix Workspace for Desktops and Citrix Receiver for Desktops are two types of programs that allow users to access the virtual desktops.
The first is designed for companies with a need for employees to access a large amount of data via a virtual desktop program, such as large firms in the financial sector or banks.
The second is designed for smaller companies in the consumer sector, which want employees to access a virtual desktop that includes the most popular web browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Safari and Mozilla Firefox, as

What’s New in the Browser Lock?

What’s new in this version:

Added 7 new languages!
Added support for folder sync
Fixed issues with unexpected shutdown on screen lock

Developer’s description of the main features:

Browser Lock is an internet parent control software that
will prevent your child from browsing internet outside the scope
defined by the administrator.

Browser Lock is a content-rated parental control software that
prevents children from browsing the internet outside the scope
defined by the administrator. Browser Lock uses a brute-force
approach using your active Internet Explorer session to lock it out.
The program allows the administrator to define which browsers
and websites are allowed and which are blocked. The program runs
under the Windows NT/2000/XP Security Mode allowing the
administrator to define rules regarding browsing or not browsing a
certain website. This application is intended to be used on a PC
where all Internet services are set up and in place. Usage is
simple and intuitive.

Browser Lock walks you through the process, first entering
a one-time password. Once this is done, the program then
automatically configures Internet Explorer to be locked in the
current Internet Explorer session. Once the Internet session is
locked, you can completely uninstall the program.


* Bypass protection from all over the world
* Lock mode can be turned on and off with just a few clicks
* Lock mode can be locked and unlocked from anywhere
* Activate the lock mode from anywhere
* Bypass lock mode with a password chosen by the administrator
* Bypass user’s ability to unprotect lock mode
* Mute specific domains, websites or individual URLs
* Mute individual web pages
* Mute specific websites
* Mute specific file types
* Fine-tune filtering of individual domains, websites, or
individual URLs or web pages

How to use:

Browser Lock will walk you through the process, first
entering a one-time password. Once this is done, the
program then automatically configures Internet Explorer to be
locked in the current Internet Explorer session. Once the
Internet session is locked, you can completely uninstall the


Browser Lock monitors and reports on all computer activity, including keystrokes. It can also be used to activate a system restore point in the event that your child activates or violates the lock mode. Reports are emailed to administrators.

File Usage:

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 10 (64-bit), Windows 8.1 (64-bit), Windows 7 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core i5-4590, AMD Ryzen 3, or better
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970, AMD Radeon R9 390
DirectX: Version 11
Storage: 1 GB available space
Network: Broadband internet connection
Sound Card: DirectX 11 audio device
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