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Traffic Info was developed to be a Windows Gadget that lets you see road traffic flows, real-time traffic conditions in your area, avoid the congested road sections, smooth all the way.
– U.S. almost big cities;
– U.K. (England and Scotland);
– Canada;
– China 7 major cities;
– Finland;
– Singapore;
– Thailand and so on.







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Traffic Info is a Windows gadget that shows you detailed traffic information in your area. The gadget was created from a combination of the technologies, which have been available from other sources.
You can have a clear and detailed information of traffic in your area. It works in the real-time mode.
You can customize the gadget as per your need.
You can go on to another city by clicking the arrows.
This gadget is developed using PHP. This is a Windows gadget. It is available for Windows 7 and above.
Want to know more about Traffic Info? Please go to
Please rate the gadget after using and if you like it, please give us your feedback.
You can email us at –
Version History
Version 1.2
– You can now customize the location bar as per your requirement;
– You can also display more than one list at a time;
– You can add extra markers on the map;
– You can drag the list element to rearrange them;
– You can add/remove the markers easily;
– You can remove the content from the list and reload the map;
– You can export the traffic data as csv file;
– You can display the time, date, and day;
– You can display the weather information;
– You can set and display the background as per your needs.
Version 1.1
– You can now display the weather information;
– You can set the background as per your need;
– You can change the color of the map view and turn it on or off;
– You can customize the color of the pop up box and turn it on or off;
– You can turn the map transparent;
– You can display the summary of traffic flows.
Version 1.0
– You can now customize the list as per your needs;
– You can drag the list elements to re-arrange them;
– You can add new list elements;
– You can remove the list element and refresh the map;
– You can now select the distance unit;
– You can set the search address;
– You can now display the Time, Date, Day, City;
– You can set the background image for your gadget;
– You can now set the cities to show on the gadget;
– You can now add more than one list element;
– You can

Traffic Info Crack+ Download

From the day I realized that there is no way to understand road traffic as accurately as I want, I do not stop there. I went to all the way by processing the data which I collected from Chinese official website and other great open source projects.
The database in Traffic Info are updated with the latest data in real time, showing real time traffic information.
The information included in the database is as follows:
– Current traffic conditions;
– Forecasted traffic condition in 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, and 24 hours ahead;
– Traffic Cameras list;
– Traffic Changes and Road construction;
– Traffic Relay List;
– Traffic Cause List;
– Speed Limit List;
– Traffic Incident List;
– Traffic Accident List;
– Traffic Emergency List;
– Speed Camera List;
– Air Quality List;
– Traffic Overpass List;
– Traffic Signal List;
– Traffic Light List;
– Traffic Light List;
– Traffic Light List;
– Traffic Rain List;
– Snow Weather List;
– Weather forecast List;
– Traffic Trouble List;
– Road Condition List;
– Bridge List;
– Park List;
– Train List;
– Train List;
– Bus List;
– Taxi List;
– Pedestrian List;
– Car Park List;
– Service Area List;
– Public Transport List;
– Street Parking List;
– Weather list;
– Countdown Traffic List;
– Traffic Extra List;
– Traffic View Map List;
– Traffic Camera List;
– Traffic List;
– Traffic Post List;
– Parking List;
– Traffic Mail List;
– Parking List;
WEATHER Forecast Information was developed to be a Windows Gadget that shows you the real-time information about the road traffic, weather and the warning message, etc..
– U.S. major cities;
– U.K. (England and Scotland);
– Finland;
– China (Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xi’an, Tianjin);
– Singapore;
– Thailand and so on.
WeatherInfo Description:
From the day I realized that there is no way to understand weather as accurately as I want, I do not stop there. I went to all the way by processing the data which I collected from open source projects, and the Chinese official website.
The database in

Traffic Info Crack + Download

It has 10 traffic conditions from real-time traffic information.
The traffic conditions are shown on the map (EURO standard map), and you can move it to the side or the bottom.
You can make your own routes using the bottom panel by dragging the line or clicking on the arrows.
Real-time traffic conditions updates are available in major cities in the U.S. and some European countries.
– Up to date traffic information
– 10 traffic conditions from real-time traffic information
– It is the most intuitive and easy to use application for the road navigation.
– To move the map, click the right mouse button on the map.
– The map is dragged by the mouse.
– To zoom in or out the map, press the CTRL key and the mouse wheel button.
– You can make routes by dragging the line from the side panel.
– You can add the customized route from the bottom panel.
– You can adjust the route, and follow the route using the navigation button.
– Traffic flow arrows can be on or off in the settings.
– You can open a new map by a right click on the map or by clicking the “Open Map” button on the main window.
– You can load a different map, if the map is corrupted.
– You can set a standard button on the map for adjusting the route, for example: Google Maps.
– You can adjust the heading line in the map.
– You can save the route and display it later.
– Save the map to your PC as a jpg, bmp, or pdf.
– Display the map in the main window, or you can view the map at the bottom.
– Draw any line in the bottom panel to build your own route.
– The bottom panel can be displayed, or you can display the map.
– You can customize the color and size of the bottom panel map.
– It can support several languages including English, French, Spanish, Japanese, German, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and more.
– You can share your traffic flow via facebook, twitter and e-mail to your friend.
– It has an option to check weather and road traffic before you start driving.
– You can share your real-time traffic information with your friends, such as your location, and road traffic info.
– Your real-time traffic conditions will be updated automatically if the live service of the road traffic

What’s New in the?

Traffic Info is a world-class traffic condition reporting and monitoring application for Windows (XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10) that displays live traffic condition, speed, and congestion information, from around the world.
The software downloads data from Google Maps and displays it on screen, with filters to show you traffic conditions from local areas, your current location, and a time range.
It works with:
– Satellite, street and hybrid street navigation maps;
– Traffic data from live traffic information provider worldwide, including real-time traffic information for toll roads, live road conditions, and average speed.
There are many factors that influence the flow of traffic including road work, road construction, road condition, road accidents, government restriction, road widening, and road closures. In addition, weather conditions such as heavy rain, snow, fog, and snowfall can change the road conditions, and changes in the traffic flow. All these factors will affect the traffic.
Traffic Info gives you a live view of the traffic flows, including average speed, average delay, and traffic congestion in your current location or another location around the world, from today up to seven days ago. It also has filters to show you traffic flows from nearby locations, or in the range of your current location or a range of dates.
Besides traffic condition, you can also see speed for each road section and your current location, and instantaneous road condition reports. You can also download the road flow, road condition, and traffic speed data and save them in your portable devices.

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System Requirements For Traffic Info:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel® Core™ i3-500, i5-1000, or AMD equivalent
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Hard Drive: 15 GB
DirectX: Version 9.0 or higher
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 compatible
Additional Notes: Windows 7 OS 64-bit, version 6.1
Processor: Intel® Core™ i5-2500, i7-4500, or AMD equivalent

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