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There’s a significant difference between how we recognize and name colors from how the computer does it. Since it doesn’t rely on sight for this task, it uses code to show colors, and there are several types, depending on the programming language. To help you pick and define the code, Clip Color comes with a set of intuitive tools.
Zoom and real-time preview of color picker
When launching the application, the screen freezes in that particular state, even with temporary prompts still waiting for you to pick a color. What’s more, the cursor turns into a color picker fitted with a magnifier, screen coordinates, RGB values, and a label that’s filled with the color of the pixel you point the mouse at.
A simple mouse click is enough to grab that specific color. Once done, the main window shows up and lets you make final adjustments and view related color codes. The tone you just picked is shown in a larger box, with the possibility to further edit it using the default color palette. In addition, the application lets you save multiple tones as favorites, in case you frequently need to use them in your projects.
Copy codes and manage favorites
Clip Color displays related codes for RGB, VisualBasic, HTML Web color code, Long string, as well as hue-saturation-lighting values. What’s more, each is fitted with a small button that automatically sends the code to clipboard to make it easier for you to store it where needed.
The application lets you manage several related settings. The level of zoom is picked from a drop-down menu, with values up to eight times the original size. A code of your choice can also be automatically copied to clipboard right after you’re done picking the color.
A few last words
On an ending note, Clip Color is one of those tools web developers and programmers are sure to find appealing. Even if it may seem packed with a shallow set of features, it’s not, showing the color in different code types, with a favorites manager to keep track of history, and configurable options for a more comfortable experience.







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Clip Color PC/Windows (April-2022)

The KeyMACRO Professional key manager software is a revolutionary tool that makes using or designing your keyboards easy and efficient. Designed with a minimum of buttons, the software eliminates all unnecessary keys and buttons for an extremely streamlined and compact layout.
KEYMACRO Keyboard Design:
The key features of the software include – Just a text-based interface with no images or sound, Quick access to every keyboard setting, Fully customizable layouts with all possible options, Configurable hotkeys, Keyboard mapping and much more.
KEYMACRO Additional Keyboard Features:
It also comes with Full help file and a portable version of the software, giving you the freedom to use it offline.
The KEYMACRO Professional keyboard mapping software is the most powerful software available to date.
KeyMACRO Professional consists of several editing tools. It supports even the most demanding editing tasks with ease. KeyMACRO consists of special features, such as:
Professional Keyboard Layout Editor
This is a professional layout designer with layout editor, Hotkeys editor, and an option to create separate keys from one button, as well as many other features.
Customizable Hotkeys
Many software offers hotkeys. KEYMACRO offers all the options and much more. You can create as many hotkeys as you want, with the options to set up one for each key on the keyboard, press and hold keys, use mouse and combinations of both.
Save, load, and share your keys
For designers, in-app save allows you to save your project quickly and simply, without having to restart the software.
This software is also designed for an extra range of functions, including keyboard combination options, setting up windows, and many others.
This program can also function as an external peripheral device, such as a DVD-ROM, a hard disk, a floppy disk, a flash drive, a CD-ROM, a modem, a scanner, a printer, or a joystick.
If you are looking for a fast and efficient software that can make your life a lot easier and better when designing or using a keyboard, then KEYMACRO Professional is the perfect choice for you. You can create custom keyboard layouts for your Windows computer with just a few clicks!
KeyMACRO Professional is one of the most recommended software for the professional keyboard designer. The main reasons are:
Fast and easy to use.
No complex installation process and no video tutorials.
Professional Design Features:
Designed for creating all types of custom layouts.
Key features include:

Clip Color

There are various ways to define color online. One of them is to use the terms ‘Web color code’, ‘VisualBasic’, ‘RGB’, ‘Long string’ or ‘Hue-saturation-lighting’ values. The application you have been looking for is Clip Color, that helps you pick and edit colors in a consistent way.

Like a game of the brilliant coloring palette, your goal is to drop a set of over 200 colors onto a square grid. The more similar the colors are, the more they score in the game. Each square is packed with a certain color, that’s the main target of your game. Press the space bar to drop your color on the squares.
Free your imagination and start playing!
The developer’s goal is to create an interesting and new game, with the user’s feedback. There is no time limit, though the game ends when you tap the space bar twice. The developer will be happy to know that you’ve played and rated the game.

Purity is a visual creative editor and image editor for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and Web (HTML/CSS). It includes the following features:
Sketching with lines and curves
A drawing tool that let you create shapes with lines and curves. Sketching tool uses the pressure sensitivity of the screen to help you draw with ease.
Fill the paper
Fill the paper feature lets you create colorful backgrounds by letting you fill the canvas using free paint colors, solid colors and gradients.
Photoshop-like Adjustments
This tool lets you add hue, saturation and brightness adjustments.
The auto-coloring tool lets you apply dozens of different colors to any layer.
More than 200 color palette
As of the latest version, the application includes more than 200 color palette.
What’s new in this version:
– New features added

BlueSky Color Studio is a chroma key software that allows the user to simulate an alpha channel in Photoshop by generating screen captures and is based on Chroma Key plug-in. BlueSky Color Studio is a chroma key software that allows the user to simulate an alpha channel in Photoshop by generating screen captures and is based on Chroma Key plug-in.

This application is a GUI to use ‘color management’ software from Lightroom (LR), it’s based on other Lightroom plug-ins. What’s new in this version:
– Added the ability to import/export user settings

Unblur Color

What’s New In Clip Color?

• 14 Days Free Trial.
• Various color formats.
• A code of your choice can be copied to clipboard right after you’re done picking the color.
• Output values in the screen coordinates, RGB and HSV values, Long string, HSLA, and HSLD.
• A drop-down menu with levels of zoom.
• A favorites manager that keeps track of the history of your colors.
• Configurable options to make the application feel more comfortable.

An intelligent solution for OS X.
Syncthing is a peer-to-peer file synchronization application for Mac OS X, which lets you sync files and folders over any number of computers. The application is built on top of a new protocol based on the FUSE file system, which handles file synchronization in a simple way, without the need of a central server.
This protocol also provides a unique way of storing settings, allowing them to be updated automatically using the application’s preferences interface. In addition, some advanced settings can be made in an external configuration file, allowing them to be modified and extended on-the-fly without the need of a restart.
Syncthing is an open-source application, available for both Mac and Windows users, and that can be used for free under the GNU General Public License (GPLv3). To read the application’s technical documentation, visit
Key features of Syncthing:
• Available for both Mac OS X and Windows.
• Peer-to-peer synchronization.
• Simple configuration.
• Up-to-date with the application’s settings.
• Supports sharing over a LAN.
• Built on the FUSE file system.
• Open-source software under the GNU General Public License (GPLv3).

Tiny Exporter lets you save and manage ZIP archives created by other software.
With this application, you can export a set of files into a single ZIP archive. A filter allows you to add files you want to preserve, while another adds ZIP compression. The ZIP archive can be created using the application or any other way. What’s more, it’s possible to choose among several ZIP compression options.
A click on the Save button makes Tiny Exporter open the main window, where the ZIP file you’re about to export is added. A simple window with the following features:
• The selected files and folder in the user interface.
• The description of the archive.
• The compression level.
• The creation date.

System Requirements:

Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 ( 32-bit or 64-bit )
Mac OS 10.4.11 or later (including Snow Leopard and Lion)
3.0.0 or later
PlayStation 3 system (2.0 or later)
Nintendo Wii (Nes or Wii) (3.0 or later)
Xbox 360 system (360)
You will need to have an internet connection to play this game.
Please contact the app store if the download does not

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