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Released in 1987, Autodesk AutoCAD was the first of Autodesk’s CAD products. It was the first AutoCAD release to be fully functional on both personal computers and microcomputers. AutoCAD continued to be updated and developed over the next several years, with each version being progressively more powerful.

In addition to the widely used desktop and mobile software versions, Autodesk offers AutoCAD LT, a low-cost CAD package for entry-level users.

Released in the mid-1990s, AutoCAD LT was first introduced as a web-based, on-demand digital model repository that allowed users to create, edit, and manage CAD data, and share the data among members of an organization or a corporate community. Autodesk Web Alliance (AWA), the company’s subsidiary responsible for the project, also developed other web-based applications that complemented the DataRepository and the standard AutoCAD features. For example, AWA developed the e-portfolio application, which enabled users to store and organize images, drawings, and CAD data.

AutoCAD LT was later ported to AutoDesk’s remote programming interface (RPI). The RPI format allowed software developers to share the source code for their programs with other users by exposing source code files directly to AutoCAD. Another notable change in LT was the support for Microsoft Windows Vista operating system, as well as Microsoft’s successor, Windows 7.

In 2001, Autodesk released AutoCAD LT SP4, a critical update to the original AutoCAD LT program that improved the experience of designers and engineers using the software, and enhanced the capabilities of the software.

Released in 2007, AutoCAD LT SP4 was the first version of AutoCAD LT to feature a new software engineering platform for modeling. Based on an open-source platform developed by Microsoft called the Systems Development Framework (SDK), AutoCAD LT SP4 also featured support for graphics programming interfaces (GPI) as a second language.

In addition to the GPI programming interfaces, the new AutoCAD LT SP4 also features OpenGL APIs for faster rendering of 3D objects and improved support for rendering.

As part of the upgrade to the new software engineering platform, Autodesk released AutoCAD LT 2009, a major upgrade to the previous version, in 2009. With the new release, Autodesk also replaced the LTX file format

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Text editing

Microsoft Word provides similar functionality to AutoCAD, including palettes, tables, and fill colors. For many years, all the text editing tools in AutoCAD (including formatting, paragraph and table styles, and stylesheets) were available in Word, even if a program was started as “AutoCAD”. In 2005, Microsoft replaced Word’s “styles” feature with a collection of templates, now called “styles”. Styles are similar to stylesheets, but do not have to be named using descriptive terms. As of the release of AutoCAD 2007, the features from the “styles” feature in Word are no longer available.

Collaborative editing

AutoCAD LT and Autodesk Design Review enable a wide variety of rich collaborative editing features, including surface text, color block, music, 3D view, etch surface, and edits to multiple drawing objects in one command. Version 11 adds snapshot editing to these features. The feature is completely integrated, but can be turned off.


The native databases in AutoCAD include the Database-Lite, Database, and DDM databases. AutoCAD Database-Lite is a flat ASCII file and an import/export tool for ArcIMS (now A360, formerly A360 Global). Database is a fully functional database management system for AutoCAD, which has been in development since 1992. It is powerful, yet easy to use. A number of other third-party databases are also available, such as DDS and TrueDB. These are all DBF files (Database File) that can be manipulated with database tools in AutoCAD.


AutoCAD has a built-in interpreter that executes PostScript Level 3. The file format is supported by Ghostscript, which is the default interpreter PostScript files. AutoCAD also supports.eps,.ai,.epa,.epsf, and.epsg..eps files can be converted to other file formats, and vice versa. PostScript is a general-purpose page description language, not meant to be a CAD format. Therefore, there is no support for the general CAD functionality, but basic graphical drawing tools are available.

In addition, some Windows programs can display and edit AutoCAD files.

AutoCAD produces DXF, a file format based on the legacy DWG file format, that is part of the exchange format standard for CAD software.

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Delete object in a list after it has been used

I have a list of models which all have the same properties.
public class aa
public int id {get; set;}
public string name {get; set;}
public string city {get; set;}

List list = new List();
list.Add(new aa() { id = 1, name = “model 1”, city = “city 1” });
list.Add(new aa() { id = 2, name = “model 2”, city = “city 2” });

If I have a list of objects, for example list.First(), how can I remove the object from the list without using a for-loop.


If I understand correctly, you are looking for RemoveAll like this:
list.RemoveAll(item => == 1);

It will remove all aa objects with id 1 from the list.

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What’s New In?

New for AutoCAD 2023:

Markup Assist makes it easier to keep your drawing and model design documents up-to-date.

Keep track of which annotations have been applied or adjusted.

Track objects and measurements when saving and reopening files.

Tag objects and text using the new Type tool to allow easier navigation.

Draw objects directly within the tag dialog box. (video: 2:50 min.)

New additions to the Geometry dialog:

The Geometry Center operator continues to allow snapping to points, along a curve, and between points to the curve center.

The new Offset Line operator allows creating lines between two points. (video: 1:05 min.)

New for Windows, Mac, and Linux:

Redesigned the drawing environment.

More context for the ribbon in Windows.

You can now log in and out of the drawing directly.

We’ve also updated our template files and installation package to reflect the new ribbon.

For an overview of AutoCAD 2023, watch the following video:

What’s new in AutoCAD 2023

Automate the process of generating and reviewing user feedback

With Markup Import and Markup Assist, you can rapidly and easily import printed paper and PDFs into a drawing, then send the feedback directly back to the client or your own systems for review and revision.

Send and receive feedback quickly

Now, you can import feedback from prints (paper or PDF) and send it back to the client in a matter of seconds. Plus, when you send the file back to your own systems, you can follow up with a prompt to send any comments or questions and answer any questions the client might have, to get design decisions and direction as soon as possible.

Enhancements to feedback methods

You’ll be able to import files, such as paper and PDFs, directly into a drawing, and have AutoCAD apply them directly to the drawings.

Prints, image files, and PDFs can be imported and applied.

Once the client approves, or rejects, the drawing changes, you’ll be able to send the feedback automatically back to the client, so they can send you their comments and questions.

Quickly incorporate any feedback

With Markup Assist, you can quickly and easily add changes directly to the drawing and send it back to

System Requirements:

Windows 10.
Mac OS X (10.10+) or later.
PCs/tablets that use Intel® processors.
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