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AutoCAD is used for mechanical, architectural, and electrical drafting; civil engineering design; construction documentation; and site-planning.

AutoCAD includes different types of drawings and displays:

• For the creation of 2D drawings, including vertical, horizontal, slope and elevation views, graphical reference, and lighting views. AutoCAD offers many features for working with cross-sections, including a cross-section library, a variety of cross-section types, and tools to manage block definitions.

• For the creation of 2D drawings, including drafting styles and plotting.

• For 2D and 3D modeling. 3D modeling includes free and bounding box, extrusion, revolve, revolve with loft, revolve with detail, object snaps, snap to grids, snap to edges, surface, surface patches, surface from edge, surface from surface, and surface from surface.

• For 2D and 3D printing.

• For geometry processing.

• For visualization of design data, including image animation and animation.

• For creation of associative content, including tables, hatching, and shape styles.

• For surface modeling.

• For 2D and 3D text editing.

• For creation of PDF files.

• For sharing designs online through WebDAV and SVN repositories.

AutoCAD also offers features for collaboration with other software programs:

• Collaboration between AutoCAD and other software products.

• Sharing and viewing files on a network, including the Internet and via FTP or SFTP.

• Importing and exporting files to other CAD software applications.

• Using the Internet and other external programs as input or output devices.

• Viewing drawings in other drawing programs such as Visio and Microsoft Visio.

• Using other programs such as Inventor and Adobe Illustrator as output devices.

• Searching files.

• Sharing text and blocks with other CAD programs.

• Print, publish, and share drawings with a PDF printer.

• Generating e-mail attachments from drawings.

• Sharing and embedding drawings in web pages.

• Creating a library of reusable content.

• Sharing and embedding reusable content on web pages.

• Sharing and embedding drawings on social media and photo-sharing sites.

• Exporting content from AutoCAD

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Included in the product is the Model On-Screen tool, which allows the rendering of 3D models on the screen. This tool was introduced in AutoCAD 2009. It can be accessed by pressing M (Alt+M in Windows) or its menu symbol. This tool can be used for 3D modeling in.dwg,.dwf,.dwgxd,.dwg2 and.dwf2 formats.


AutoCAD has been, since its inception, primarily for the use of architects, engineers, and other engineers in the fields of civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and construction. By 2015, AutoCAD had over 20 million users worldwide, with the second-largest number of users after Microsoft Office. The 2012 version of AutoCAD introduced additional user interfaces (UI) for users with disabilities, who are registered as Visual Accessibility Users (VAU). The VAU model provides support for people with visual impairments as well as people who are blind or visually-impaired, although in some cases the visual impairments may make some user interface items unusable. One function that has been added is one that allows users to double-click on items to select them.

The version of AutoCAD available as of 2015 supports the user interface in the American Sign Language (ASL) for users with visual impairments, so the symbols can be easily understood.

AutoCAD is available under the general public or academic license to anyone. However, some business users, who need assistance in the use of AutoCAD for non-commercial purposes, have the option of a commercial license.

Benefits of the commercial license include additional training, technical support, and direct contact with AutoCAD developers.


The U.S. Army originally used AutoCAD as the foundation of the GISITS (Government Integrated GIS Information Technology System) at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Though used as the foundation for GISITS, AutoCAD’s use has not led to similar success. The GISITS project has been described as “crumbling under its own weight”, and is no longer supported by the Army. GISITS relied on a symbology that proved difficult for some users to understand, and because GISITS has not been widely adopted, few people understood the symbology well enough to use it. The Army’s decision was criticized by users who said

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Show Graphic Styles:

Save time setting colors, fills, and line weights in the Style Manager, so you can easily find and apply them in drawings and exports. (video: 1:35 min.)

Create Skeleton Keyword Tags:

Use an optional text box, hotkey, or color to quickly create skeleton key tags in your drawings. You can edit them, copy or move them, or apply them to related geometry.

Hyperlinks in Drawing Objects:

Import and export hyperlinks directly to and from AutoCAD objects (including HTML and PDF), not just drawings. Plus, object hyperlinks can be edited directly in AutoCAD. (video: 1:54 min.)

Vertical Screen Content:

See two monitors side by side, or four on a single screen. Vertical screen mode lets you see more of your drawing area, and draws extra information onto the bottom monitor. (video: 1:34 min.)


Keep drawing files separate, but open drawings from different applications. Multiple CAD applications are designed to share references, and you can quickly switch between applications without losing your work.

HDR Preview:

A new HDR preview mode works with both the AutoCAD App and Windows 8.1, and the update to Dynamic True Color automatically displays values for more than 2 billion colors. (video: 1:26 min.)

CADCore 2.18 Update:

Get up to 200% more performance out of AutoCAD and the AutoCAD App. Advanced features like GPU-accelerated commands, object-level AutoCAD scripting, and the new Dynamic True Color technology, let you create drawings that look great and perform great.

DraftSight for PowerArchiver 10.0:

A new free 10-year update for DraftSight for PowerArchiver. With this update, you can create and share interactive videos, demos, and PDF reports in AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT without using any third-party software.

Importing and Exporting Web Content:

A new import and export command for the Web sends data directly to and from the web. It supports multipart multipart/form-data, multipart/related, and multipart/alternative MIME types.

PDF Labels:

Find, insert, and apply PDF labels in drawings using any

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

To run VNTRO, you will need to have a powerful CPU/RAM combo:
– A high end computer will typically need to have at least 2GB of RAM and a quad-core or 6 core processor.
– A mid-range computer will typically need at least 1GB of RAM and a dual-core or 4 core processor.
– An older computer may not be able to run the game at all.
Important : Make sure you do not have any other game or any other program running when you start VNTRO.

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