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asm48 is a lightweight application designed to provide you with an easy to use assembler for Intel 8048 microcontrollers, one of the first successful microcontroller families.
Built using the Intel 8048 user manual, asm48 also supports compatible parts, such as 8039, 8035, 8049 and more. It accepts lower case instructions and the standard C notation for declaring hex constants.









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What is asm48 Crack Mac?
asm48 Crack Mac is an assembler with full support for Intel 8048 microcontrollers, one of the most successful microcontroller families. It is highly configurable and offers a wide range of commands and assembler directives to perform common functions. It accepts both uppercase and lowercase
instructions. A model of minimalism, asm48 provides basic commands for loading,
running, halting, saving, setting and reading memory, while providing extensive
support for jump-table based assembly. It provides a fully functional command-line
interface and relies solely on the 8048 user manual for everything else.
asm48 Features:
Simplicity. Whether you’re an experienced assembly programmer, or just beginning, asm48 will give you all the functionality you need, and nothing more.
High-level commands. Asm48 supports a number of convenient commands, such as’set’ and’read’, which make assembly much simpler than writing an entire program by hand.
Configurable. You can select your specific commands by setting a number of options in the config file. Most are very easy to set, while others require a bit of knowledge about the assembly language.
Simplicity. Asm48 is a small, simple assembler for Intel 8048 microcontrollers. Its command-line interface makes it extremely easy to use, while its numerous configurable options and command choices make it fully customizable.
Supports virtually any microcontroller. Asm48 is fully optimized to work with the smallest and most compatible devices.
Text editor integration. Asm48 ships with a modified version of the Windows Notepad. This allows asm48 to be easily integrated into any Windows text editor, allowing you to directly edit your source code while keeping the original format of your source code.
Lightweight and simple. It is a compact, lightweight application which can be easily integrated into your Windows system.
Usage. Each instruction is displayed with its corresponding format, and in-line assembly code is displayed as-is.

Comments and ratings for asm48


V3ry well done and maintained. The next step is to add stinking USB support, and a lot of other tiny features.


Petr Vrtinovsk√Ĺ(Certified IT Programmer)

asm48 is an assembler with full support for Intel 8048 microcontrollers, one

Asm48 Crack Free For PC [2022]

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Asm48 PC/Windows

Asm48 is a lightweight assembler for the Intel 8048 (Z80) and compatible microcontrollers. In addition, it supports the 8039, 8035, 8049 and more Intel 8051.
Key features:
* 12 supported instructions and more than 30 syntaxes (conditionals, subroutines, LOOP, GOTO,…)
* accepts lower case instructions, such as x = y, X = y, A = y,…
* integrated assembler, disassembler and simulator
* command line interface
* assembler and disassembler modes
* file-based simulator
* free microcontroller, such as any 8051 or Z80 compatible
* basic knowledge of the assembly language
* extract the archives
* run install.exe
* restart the PC
* to assemble and disassemble a sketch
* to read and modify the memory
* to interact with the 8086 emulator and visualise the variables
* to run a simulator
* to write code
Supported instructions:
* ADD32
* ADD64
* JC
* OR
You can find the full instruction set supported in the documentation under “Supported Instructions”.
Source code:
The source code of the project is available

What’s New In Asm48?

asm48 is a lightweight application designed to provide you with an easy to use assembler for Intel 8048 microcontrollers, one of the first successful microcontroller families.
Built using the Intel 8048 user manual, asm48 also supports compatible parts, such as 8039, 8035, 8049 and more. It accepts lower case instructions and the standard C notation for declaring hex constants.

asm48 has two output devices: terminal and file. Using terminal you can generate a hex file with the assembled hex commands. If no output file is specified, the commands will be printed to the terminal.

asm48 has three tabs: assembler, opcode and file. The assembler allows you to input and output the hex commands for your assembly language. The opcode tab can be used to view the hex opcodes that are generated for your assembly language. The file tab allows you to save your hex commands.

asm48 has many command line options for customizing the behavior of the application. It allows you to:

specify the hex-bin values for the instructions

specify the output file for the assembled hex commands

write hex commands in asm mode.

In addition, asm48 is capable of printing C statements, and many built-in constants for compatibility mode.

asm48 has an Intel 8048 x86 assembly language interface which is fully compatible with MASM. You can write C-style source code in a mixed format and asm48 will convert it automatically. The output C source code is exactly the same as the output of the compiler.

asm48 has built-in string functions and a set of data structures for manipulating strings.

asm48 supports the notion of registers, enabling you to specify the location in memory where certain values will be loaded. This can be used to let asm48 automatically load values.

asm48 contains a command-line mode (CLI) which lets you execute a command line directly from the command line and print the resulting hex commands.

asm48 is portable to other 8048 processors, such as 8080, 8095, 8051, 8060 and more.

asm48 has an option to create a subroutine and return back to main.

Assembling and printing the hex commands can be done in one step by specifying ‘w’ (write) and ‘r’ (read) as the output command. This allows the program to generate the source code in one step, and also print the assembled hex commands in one step. The “w” command will write the generated hex commands to the file specified in the File tab.

asm48 is a multi-platform application. It can be run on Windows or Linux. The hex commands and the generated C source code can be saved to a file and can also be re-generated from that file.

The assembly

System Requirements:

I am running this mod on the PS4 version of Xenoblade Chronicles 2.
I would not recommend this mod on the Xbox One version.
To install this mod, you have to have a Wii U version of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 already installed on your system, or else you will have to delete it prior to installing this mod.
Edit: Due to some issues with certain PS4 versions of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, it is not recommended to use this mod on those versions of the game. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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