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There are two ways to get the API key of your IP Desktop Viewer program. One is easy, just go to “HERE” link and you will see the API key on the bottom.
Second way is a little more complicated but gives you a better key if you need to re-run the program. The method is explained on how to get the API key in here.
You will need an api key.
Short URL:
IP Desktop Viewer Change Log:
v0.7.3- NEW: Support for All Devices and Platforms
v0.7.2- NEW: Allow control of network device in DHCP mode
v0.7.1- NEW: Build form the latest compiler code.
v0.7.0- NEW: Support IPv6 Mode.
v0.6.4- New UI
v0.6.3- New Hotfix
v0.6.2- New Menu
v0.6.1- New Menu
v0.6.0- New Release!
v0.5.2- Menu fix.
v0.5.1- Minor UI fixes.
v0.5.0- Minor UI fixes.
v0.4.2- Minor Menu fix.
v0.4.1- Minor UI fixes.
v0.4.0- Showing new version.
v0.3.2- Minor UI fixes.
v0.3.1- Minor Menu fixes.
v0.3.0- New release.
v0.2.1- Minor UI fixes.
v0.2.0- Minor UI fixes.
v0.1.0- First official release!
v0.0.3- Minor Menu fix.
v0.0.2- Update menu icon.
v0.0.1- First release.

Dear All,
I have created a new app to compare how many of you use Skype and on what device you use it. This is actually the first app I have ever made and it is only my third app to go live. In the future, I plan to develop a whole lot of apps, so if you would like to see more of them, be sure to check them out.I just looked at the store front, that’s always a good start, even if

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The keymacro application will allow you to set a key (algorithmbased) to any key on your keyboard, and then assign it to any key you want.
This keymacro software will allow you to set any key you want to any algo key (defined by you), and assign it to any key you want.
You can also define a macro key, and when that key is pressed, a macro will be recorded.
If you don’t want the macro to be recorded, you can choose “NO”, which will disables the macro recording.
Keymacro is one of the first keymacro applications to support the IBM Q30 AKEY. This software also has the capability to adjust all the various keys on the keyboard. With these capabilities, you will no longer have to have the keymacro application installed on your computer for every new key on your keyboard.
Keymacro can also record macros and record macros for the windows events:
1.Window: open
2.Window: close
3.Window: focus
4.Window: focusOut
5.Window: resize
6.Window: move
7.Window: resizeDown
8.Window: resizeUp
9.Window: moveDown
10.Window: moveUp
11.Window: close
12.Window: minimize
13.Window: maximize
14.Window: minimizeDown
15.Window: minimizeUp
16.Window: minimizeAll
17.Window: maximizeDown
18.Window: maximizeUp
19.Window: maximizeAll
20.Window: restore
21.Window: scrollUp
22.Window: scrollDown
23.Window: scrollLeft
24.Window: scrollRight
25.Window: scrollAll
26.Window: resizeAll
27.Window: moveAll
28.Window: closeAll
29.Window: minimizeAll
30.Window: maximizeAll
31.Window: restoreAll
32.Window: scrollAll
33.Window: resizeAll
34.Window: moveAll

Add a custom.ini file. The custom.ini files are a text file that is made up of key/value pairs. All key/value pairs are separated by semicolons. Some keys will have multiple values that they can accept.
The following key describes the functions of the program and can be used to determine the status of the program.

API Spy Crack+

API Spy is a small utility application that allow you to get information about any window or object on the screen.
For example:
The handle of the currently active window is:
HWND handle = GetForegroundWindow(); // or GetForegroundProcess()
Get the window class:
HWND handle = GetForegroundWindow();
Get the name of the window:
HWND handle = GetForegroundWindow();
Get the size of the window:
RECT clientRect;
GetWindowRect(handle, &clientRect);
Get the position of the window:
POINT point;
GetWindowPos(handle, &point);
You can use API Spy to get a list of the windows and objects found on your screen, then you can use windows or objects names to get information about each windows or objects:
GetClassName(handle, “ACTIVE_WINDOW”); // or GetClassName(handle, “CLSID_ActiveWindow”);
GetWindowText(handle, “ACTIVE_WINDOW”, 20);
GetWindowRect(handle, &rect);
GetClassName(handle, “RECTANGLE”); // or GetClassName(handle, “CLSID_Rectangle”);
GetWindowText(handle, “RECTANGLE”, 20);
GetWindowRect(handle, &rect);
GetClassName(handle, “TEXT”); // or GetClassName(handle, “CLSID_Edit”);
GetWindowText(handle, “TEXT”, 20);
GetWindowRect(handle, &rect);
GetClassName(handle, “BUTTON”); // or GetClassName(handle, “CLSID_Button”);
GetWindowText(handle, “BUTTON”, 20);
GetWindowRect(handle, &rect);
The program has a second panel with tabs that allow you to switch from one object to another. (you can open any window / object properties and get its properties at once).
This version is a plugin for Process Explorer.

thank you for your suggestion, now we can share the information via MSMQ.

by Scott Olin, 2011/07/20 at 3:17pm PST

Comments for Update 2.0 – Beta Release

As much as I’d like to see it, it seems that the macro to generate the WOW message isn’t working (at least in the beta release

What’s New in the API Spy?

■ a software system that is intended to help a programmer to understand
■ well known functions in the Windows API.
■ API Spy is a native Windows program that is able to analyze and understand
■ function calls in the Windows API at the moment when they are made by the
■ application being analyzed.

API Spy supports:
■ displaying the windows API functions in the tree-view diagram or in the
■ direct functions view.
■ calling all available Windows API functions with one click,
■ displaying the description of Windows API functions using the
■ current line editor,
■ undo/redo actions for the editor,
■ displaying the name and parameters of a function by clicking on its
■ function identifier,
■ showing the description of the function arguments,
■ allowing you to download all supported Windows API functions and their
■ parameters as an XML file or a HTML file and
■ setting breakpoints in the functions being called by the application being
■ analyzed.
API Spy supports:
■ all Win32 API functions;
■ Windows CE API functions,
■ NT-style API functions,
■ WinRT API functions;
■ 32-bit and 64-bit Windows functions;
■ Windows functions and WinRT functions;
■ Windows API functions from any DLL;
■ Windows API functions from the DLL being analyzed.

Online Help:

API Spy online help allows you to get instructions and get more details about the capabilities of API Spy.

How to Use API Spy:

API Spy is a native Windows program that is easy to use.
After you install and launch the program, you will be asked to select your language and
the API from which you want to learn the function’s details.
You can see available Windows API functions in the program window.
All the Windows API functions displayed in the program window are available for

download as an XML file,

be called by clicking on the function identifier,

display the description of the function arguments,

allow you to download all Windows API functions as a HTML file,

show you the description of the function arguments,

break the program execution with breakpoints,

display the description of the current execution context,

disable/enable the shortcuts,

enable/disable the pointer and keyboard messages.

You can download a free demo version of API Spy.

System Requirements For API Spy:

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 (64-bit only)
Processor: 1.6 GHz or faster processor
Memory: 1 GB RAM (2 GB RAM recommended)
Graphics: DirectX 9 or OpenGL 2.0 capable graphics card
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Hard Drive: 1 GB available hard drive space
This is a digital product; no physical product will be shipped.
2-Hour Studio Access


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